These Terms of service are between Jobbuppdrag ("company, website") and the applicant ("Client, Employee"). These Terms of service are deemed to be accepted by the Client for a request for an introduction, an interview whether in person, by telephone, email, or by the signing of the Terms. An ‘introduction' will be referred to as an interview, the acceptance of a CV or Applicant's details, via post, e-mail, or oral communication.

These terms are the rules guiding the use and operations of Jobbuppdrag. You agree to use Jobbuppdrag after you have read, understood and accept these terms, otherwise discontinue your use


You agree to the following (but not limited to) by using this website:e:

  • These Terms of service shall govern all services rendered by Jobbuppdrag.
  • All introductions and Applicant's details are confidential and are supplied on the understanding that the information will be secured and not disclosed to any third party without Jobbuppdrag's prior written consent.
  • The Applicant shall be informed by Jobbuppdrag of the hiring processes/procedures following the present terms and conditions within stipulated days as agreed
  • Jobbuppdrag places an advertising service at the website page for the Applicants(s) to choose which services they want
  • The Applicant will be responsible for all medical examinations and for all steps necessary in obtaining work permits or authorizations for the job.
  • The Applicant shall ensure that he/she is in perfect accordance with all employment legislation stated at the moment


The Company will ensure that the Applicants are well behaved based on the recommendation, to maintain a high quality of service and integrity. The Company shall comply, and procure that its Applicants abide by all applicable laws, rules, and regulations relating to job procurement. The Applicant is accountable for ensuring compliance with all health, safety and other legislation as directed by the Company.


Jobbuppdrag is not liable to the Applicant for any damage, loss, expenses, disputes or spending suffered or incurred in connection with the recruiting or hiring of Applicants as agreed. The Company will not be liable to the Applicant for any breach or any liability in negligence encountered with the use of Jobbuppdrag.


Jobbuppdrag shall indemnify the Applicant from all and any claims and liabilities whatsoever occurring as a result of any loss, injury, damage, costs expenses or delays incurred by an Applicant.

The Applicant shall also indemnify the Company against all and any claims made by any Applicant.


The Company does not warrant the ability and effectiveness of any Applicant. The Company is responsible for ensuring that any Applicant supplied has the necessary qualifications, licenses, capability, integrity, and suitability for the required purpose other than where it is required by law that the Company obtains evidence of skills, licenses, ability, completeness, and suitability


Your continued usage of our services, you agree that all terms as presented here are binding to you. These terms conform to the General Data Protection Regulation, and you agree to comply with the jurisdiction of the state and federal courts present in your State.


Jobbuppdrag reserves the right to modify the terms of service with or without the prior notice of her Applicant. The Company also exhibits the right to terminate its services without prior notice.

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